What is a Ninja Church Planter?

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

Definition: A serial church planter who:

  • is on the move like a Ronin, and travels where the need is
  • cares not for personal honor or glory, but shuns it, seeking obscurity
  • is willing to sacrifice all in the name of, and glory to, his Master
  • strikes hard for the kingdom, then steals back into the shadows to strike elsewhere
Fyre Festival_edited-1

The Church Planter and Fyre Festival Expectations


Every church planter imagines the church of his dreams on the other side of the launch.


Then reality hits like the Fyre Festival.


Have you heard about it?


It was supposed to be the party of all parties.


It was started by rapper JaRule and founder of Fyre Media, Billy McFarland.


Tickets ranged from 1500 dollars to over 100 thousand.


Scheduled for two weekends on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas, it was advertised as a deluxe music festival like the world had never seen before. Expectations were high, and people paid dearly to have those expectations met.


They never were.

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