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The life, and legacy of Peter Jeffery


My mentor of 25 years went home yesterday…

I stood on a balcony at a coffee shop in Atlanta crying like a baby after receiving the news from Wales.

When I was 19 years old, I ventured to Wales, the land of my Fathers with a backpack and a mountain bike. I deep dove into that country for 6 weeks, before cell phones, traveled hundreds of miles by bike, train, and truck. As I traveled the length and breadth of that great nation, I hosteled, slept outside, and stayed with families. Most importantly, I learned about revival.

I returned home, and drove to the girl I had a major crush on, now my wife, Andrea. While at her house, her brother told me that a speaker from Wales “who took over for Lloyd-Jones” would be at his Men’s study in Aliso Viejo on Saturday morning. As he said it he was laughing. There was a catch. The Men’s study met at 6am. Having wicked jet lag from a transcontinental flight, knowing I’d need an hour, and assuming this was a practical joke, I decided to chance it and go anyway.

It’s funny how our lives are often hinged upon a minute decision.

That morning I heard something that changed the trajectory of my life forever.

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On Being God's Sons and Daughters, Not His Employees

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From time to time I get interviewed on other shows. I don’t often share them because it feels a lot like “look at me, look at me!”

But I enjoyed doing this with the guys over at Voices That Carry, and even though I may not be wired for the social media age (I constantly fight against it while swimming in its waters), I use the energy of it to proclaim the unique message that I feel God has given me.

“For such a time as this” is part of everyone’s calling. Even yours, and mine. This particular podcast focuses on being God’s children, and not his employees. I don’t know why the guys over at VTC Podcast singled me out for that topic, but I was grateful that they did.

It’s a message that needs to be heard.


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By Peyton Jones

“You can’t fail if you never start” – every business/entrepreneurial guru out there


The failure that many would-be-witnesses fear hinder them from ever taking a step of faith. For all of our imbibing of entrepreneurial webinars, and motivational books, we still haven’t learned to the savvy wit and wisdom of the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” philosophy that we’re hearing in the business world.


We weigh the risk of failure against the likelihood of success and opt out, telling ourselves that “it probably wouldn’t have made a difference anyways”.

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The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation

Happy MLK Jr. Day!


MLK Jr. is one of my heroes.

My family is from Montgomery Alabama. I was there last week. Both of my daughters are part African American.

Here is a sermon I preached a few months ago on “Anger and Racial Reconciliation” from Ephesians.

In my book Church Zero, I talk about anger as a catalyst for justice and righteousness in the civil rights movement.

Here is an excerpt:

“Call it Anger.

Call it angst.

Call it Frustration.

Call it whatever you want.

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How to avoid being a church planter wanna-be...


(The following ended up on the cutting room floor from my next book Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art. I thought you might enjoy reading what didn’t make it in…)

When I train church planters, the church’s future leaders, nothing has scandalized and sent shivers up their spine more than an infamous homework assignment. But nothing has helped them more either. I issue a challenge to give a report the next week about somebody they’ve led to Jesus in the intervening period. In other words, their assignment is to lead somebody to Christ. They look at me with the same shocked look the people gave Jesus when he sent them out to heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel. Reading their stunned faces, I can almost read their thoughts, You mean you actually want us to do something?  We were here for another seminar. Another sermonette. Another tidbit of bible teaching. You mean you actually want us to DO something?

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