When Paul trained church planters, he didn’t just train them to plant churches.

Know what else he trained them in? Supporting themselves. He wasn’t waiting for Christians to throw wadded up dollar bills at him or his team.

He had places to go, things to do, people to save.

Therefore, Paul opted to work with his hands, and meet his own needs so that he could take the gospel to anyone,

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Being Broken is better: An Interview With Steve Wiens

HCP Season 7 Episode 7

iab-podcast-event-hed-2016_Steve Wiens

Welcome to Season 7 Episode 7 of the Hardcore Church Planting Podcast with Peyton Jones. In this episode, I interviewed Steve Wiens and discuss his most recent book “Whole”. To get straight to listening click here and to download in iTunes click here

Steve Wiens is the founding pastor of Genesis Covenant Church in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife and three sons. Steve’s first book, Beginnings (NavPress 2016), imagines the seven days of creation as a

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7 Pivotal Shifts That Will Revolutionize The Church In 2018

Part 2


This blog is the third in a series called 7 Pivotal Shifts That Will Revolutionize The Church In 2018. You can catch the introduction HERE and part 1 HERE if you want to read them first.


Ever since I accidentally planted a church in a Starbucks, I’ve been on a quest. Arthur sent his knight errant in pursuit of the Holy Grail, whereas I am on a perpetual search for a link to what Paul did in the first century.

Something Apostolic.

Something that will break out of the mold.

Something that will possibly even break the mold.

Something that can recover what has been lost.

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Seven Pivotal Shifts That Will Revolutionize Churches In 2018-Part 1



If you missed the introduction to our series click here to go check it out.

This post is part of a series titled “Seven Pivotal Shifts That Will Revolutionize Churches In 2018”. In this post, we’ll get past the introduction, and dig into why I think that the churches who actually make an impact in 2018 are 1st century style churches.  In the coming posts, I’ll unpack what churches that reach people actually do, and I think it will resonate with what you see happening around you. In other words, it’ll start to make sense…even if most of our churches don’t.


Here’s the good news…it’s not too late to change. These are seven pivotal shifts that will revolutionize your ability to engage the lost culture around you. Here’s the first shift:

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You Gotta Serve People To Reach Them

An Interview With Mickey Caison - HCP Season 7 Episode 6


This week Pete Mitchell and I get to have a conversation with Mickey Caison. Mickey currently serves on the staff of the North American Mission Board as the Disaster Relief Team Leader. Mickey began serving in Pastoral roles 1970 and continued until 1994. He began transitioning into Leadership and Volunteer coordination and has never

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