16 Years From Now…Where Will you Be?

Your answer will determine the next 15 years


So, I had a conversation with my mentor, Mac Lake.

Mac is a dynamo of all things leadership related. He’s probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

I was recently speaking with him on the phone when I had a conversation about some large opportunities looming on the horizon.

Mac spoke to me about the vision for my life.

“Where do you want to be 16 years from now?” he asked.

I was stumped. “I don’t know” was all that I could muster.

The conversation ended, but the question didn’t. Instead, it continued to haunt me.

I talked it over with God, with my wife, and with a couple of friends.

Sometimes there are questions that nobody can really help you with.

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Uber Cool Evangelism


As I write this, I’m returning from Burbank, to San Diego on the Amtrak. My train departed before the sun came up at 4:53am and when I alighted onto the train platform at 8 o’clock am I called an Uber to take me to a church planter assessment. Before I exited that car, the Uber driver had come to faith after pulling to the side of the curb and praying with me. A young hipster from China, he’d been pursuing a film degree in Hollywood, and had been feeling God communicating with him directly, but didn’t know how to make sense of it. He said that he knew God was real, but didn’t believe in Christianity. He looked at me in the rear view mirror and asked, “Do you believe that God still speaks to people?” Being a psych nurse, and preparing to assess his sanity, I said, “Yes I do”.

After he told me how he felt God speaking to him, I determined he was sane, and that God had been invading his life.

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A Preacher of Preachers

The life, and legacy of Peter Jeffery


My mentor of 25 years went home yesterday…

I stood on a balcony at a coffee shop in Atlanta crying like a baby after receiving the news from Wales.

When I was 19 years old, I ventured to Wales, the land of my Fathers with a backpack and a mountain bike. I deep dove into that country for 6 weeks, before cell phones, traveled hundreds of miles by bike, train, and truck. As I traveled the length and breadth of that great nation, I hosteled, slept outside, and stayed with families. Most importantly, I learned about revival.

I returned home, and drove to the girl I had a major crush on, now my wife, Andrea. While at her house, her brother told me that a speaker from Wales “who took over for Lloyd-Jones” would be at his Men’s study in Aliso Viejo on Saturday morning. As he said it he was laughing. There was a catch. The Men’s study met at 6am. Having wicked jet lag from a transcontinental flight, knowing I’d need an hour, and assuming this was a practical joke, I decided to chance it and go anyway.

It’s funny how our lives are often hinged upon a minute decision.

That morning I heard something that changed the trajectory of my life forever.

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The Lollapalooza of Church Planting

Join Me for the Mobilization Track

Expo 2017 Dream Big 600 Web banner

Remember Lollapalooza?


It was the ultimate bandfest where headliners like Radiohead, the Foo Fighters, Beck, Rage Against the Machine and Incubus took the stage in rocked the world as the Woodstock of the 90s.


Simply put, if you were into rock, it was the place to be.


Exponential is the Lollapalooza of church planting.


Hundreds of speakers are under one roof, at any given time, kicking down church planting wisdom applicable to various contexts, models, and methods.


But the thing I appreciate about Exponential the most, is that they get it.

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Becoming Raiders Of The Lost Art

RTU 3d

Hey ninjas!

I need to ask you to do some real ninja like stuff for me in the upcoming weeks, but first, let me tell you about my biggest announcement EVER.


But you don’t have to wait that long to buy it.

In fact, if you pre-order now, you get a bunch of free exclusives in a bundle that comes with it.

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