And Why I'm Not Bothered At All


“How reliable are online tests?

I get this question a lot.

The first thing that you need to know about online tests is that it’s a product.

That means that as much as somebody tells you that the end game is to “help you” it’s really about somebody either getting your traffic, email, or money.

There’s always an agenda.

I’d probably trust a test that was free more than one that cost money.

Whenever it’s a product, the end was achieved when you gave them your credit card number.

End of story.

It doesn’t really matter whether or not it helped you.

That may sound very crass, cynical even, but so be it.

Let me put it to you this way, if I’d listened to the survey in high school regarding my ideal profession, I’d either be working in the service industry, or a chicken farmer.

I’m not making that up. Apparently, I like to be alone, and like to help people at the same time. So…there was truth to it, but I’m no chicken farmer!

Think about the spiritual gift test for a second. How can punching data into a computer tell you what the Spirit has gifted you with, especially if it’s counterintuitive to your personality/temperament? And mine definitely are. I’m a hardcore introvert who has the spiritual gifts of an extrovert.

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The Culture In The Middle


The church planter called me up from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He needed to talk about his culture.

99% of the nice side of town was affluent mormons, while the other side of the tracks was a shame based culture of failed mormons.

He had been spinning his wheels for three years, trying to make a dent, and not getting any clearer on what to do.

I told him that the #1 problem he was facing was that he was in a culture that defined itself by religion.

As a church planter, he was struggling against trying to get people from a bigger culture of religion to join a smaller subculture of religion.

He wanted to reach both people I described, so I explained to him that the city’s shame based culture of religion was the big culture represented by a large circle. His church’s subculture was a smaller circle of religion. Trying to get people to leave one big circle to join a smaller circle was problematic if you were relying on attractional methods like door hangers and the like.

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Creating A Church Planting Hub

1st Century Style Training in the 21st Century

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.57.18 PM

There are a few times that I share my consuming passion. I’m consumed with training church planters, as I know the Apostle Paul was. The thing is, he kept getting better and better at it. I know that we can too. On today’s podcast, I share about how to create an Ephesus style church planting hub in the 21st Century. I couldn’t be more excited about any topic. If you’re new to the Church Planter podcast, I’ll need to explain that we have about 20-30 minutes of banter, depending on our mood. Hope you enjoy it!


16 Years From Now…Where Will you Be?

Your answer will determine the next 15 years


So, I had a conversation with my mentor, Mac Lake.

Mac is a dynamo of all things leadership related. He’s probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

I was recently speaking with him on the phone when I had a conversation about some large opportunities looming on the horizon.

Mac spoke to me about the vision for my life.

“Where do you want to be 16 years from now?” he asked.

I was stumped. “I don’t know” was all that I could muster.

The conversation ended, but the question didn’t. Instead, it continued to haunt me.

I talked it over with God, with my wife, and with a couple of friends.

Sometimes there are questions that nobody can really help you with.

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Faith and Driving School

Two Brake Pedals, One Accelerator

Faith and driver's ed

I’m not a mystic, although I’ve been called one.

I don’t claim to understand anything about God and how he works. I mean, I study the Bible, and draw as many blanks as Job, the Psalmist, or John on the isle of Patmos.

That said, I’ve got a theory.

You know what a theory is, right? It’s not a guess. It’s an educated guess proven by repeatable processes that you can observe.

I have come to believe that the necessary faith required on mission is a bit like the cars that I grew up with in driving school.

Of course, back in my day (I know, I can hear Grandpa’s tones as well), we had Driver’s Ed in highschool. Those teachers must have gotten danger pay! One of the cars ended up in a flood ditch with a six foot drop because they’d through a chain link fence.

Ah, the 80s…

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