What is a Ninja Church Planter?

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

Definition: A serial church planter who:

  • is on the move like a Ronin, and travels where the need is
  • cares not for personal honor or glory, but shuns it, seeking obscurity
  • is willing to sacrifice all in the name of, and glory to, his Master
  • strikes hard for the kingdom, then steals back into the shadows to strike elsewhere

Reaching people is costly. It cost Jesus everything.  It cost Paul. It cost Oscar Schindler. At the end of the film Schindler’s List, Schindler weeps as his eyes search frantically around for something that could have been used to save just one more soul.  He pulls on his coat sleeves, “These cuff links…one more!”  This car…five, maybe ten more”! He collapses in sobs.

Oscar Schindler was a nobody, but he had something to invest in saving others. Schindler seized the opportunity at the onset of WW2 to become a munitions manufacturer, and broke his precious alabaster jar of a cushy life and did what he could. Make no mistake; mission is going to cost you.  Mission will suck your time, money, energy, privacy, preferences, and your gifts.  And you may not be rich like Schindler, but you’ve got a life to invest. As David Platt points out that the kingdom needs more christians who aren’t asking ‘what can I afford?’ but “what’s it going to take?’

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