What is a Ninja Church Planter?

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

Definition: A serial church planter who:

  • is on the move like a Ronin, and travels where the need is
  • cares not for personal honor or glory, but shuns it, seeking obscurity
  • is willing to sacrifice all in the name of, and glory to, his Master
  • strikes hard for the kingdom, then steals back into the shadows to strike elsewhere

Being above reproach is the summary of all that Paul lists in the passage. It is so important that Paul states it twice; once in verse 6, then again in verse 7. There should be no gaping holes in a leader’s character. Any truly humble leader wrestles with the statements in this list, wondering if they wash him out. No leader truly feels above reproach. Thankfully Paul elaborates by providing a list of character traits that define what “above reproach” means. The assembled components make up the model of a Christ like leader.

Here is the first in the list of components:

The husband of one wife

The church planter needs to demonstrate competent leadership in his own home before presuming to lead in God’s house. It is important to draw a distinction here regarding male and female leadership. Paul addresses the qualifications to males in this passage, speaking to the husbands. Nonetheless, he includes qualifications for their wives as well, indicating team leadership in marriage.  That said, I’ll address the characteristics to a male audience as Paul wrote them. Understand however, that I consider women both necessary and biblical in church leadership. In every church I’ve planted, we’ve needed women to shepherd the women, and found that females in leadership are essential. John Wesley employed women evangelists. Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos together as a team.

While I’m at it, I feel the need to touch on male leadership in the home because the nature of spiritual leadership is often misunderstood. Leadership in scripture never has to do with pressuring, bullying, or bossing, but rather, leading and setting the example for those who are being led. My wife is

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