What is a Ninja Church Planter?

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

Definition: A serial church planter who:

  • is on the move like a Ronin, and travels where the need is
  • cares not for personal honor or glory, but shuns it, seeking obscurity
  • is willing to sacrifice all in the name of, and glory to, his Master
  • strikes hard for the kingdom, then steals back into the shadows to strike elsewhere

So I know you’ve been missing my Five Star Fridays. I’ve heard your requests for more and today I’m giving you another peak into my week!

What I’m pondering – Gods grace on our enemies. I had somebody wrong me. Really wrong me. For the best part of the past year my family and I were taken advantage of. Despite being in a place of being terribly wronged by somebody who knew better, I’ve been waking up praying grace upon them because I know that they’re in their own personal hell as they pick up the pieces of what they’ve done. This to me is a testimony of grace. I know what a debtor to Gods mercy I am, and to be honest, it’s a great mercy to me that I’m not kept in the prison of bitterness. When we allow anger, rage, and bitterness to consume us, we allow them to repeatedly hurt us beyond the original offense. Frankly, I don’t want to give anyone that kind of power over me or my family. Jesus was wise to ask God to forgive us, as we’ve forgiven others. It kinda puts it all in perspective.

What I’m reading – The Last Enchantment. The third part of the Merlin series, this book was beautifully crafted by Mary Stewart in the 1950s. This isn’t the Merlin you’ve heard about. This is a historic fiction novel that attempts to reconstruct the King Arthur legend as it may have actually

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