What is a Ninja Church Planter?

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

Definition: A serial church planter who:

  • is on the move like a Ronin, and travels where the need is
  • cares not for personal honor or glory, but shuns it, seeking obscurity
  • is willing to sacrifice all in the name of, and glory to, his Master
  • strikes hard for the kingdom, then steals back into the shadows to strike elsewhere
Church planter podcast_CPP #269 - Getting people to read your newsletter and support your mission

This week Pete Mitchell and I discuss how to get people to read your newsletter and support your mission. To get straight to listening click here and to download in iTunes click here.

One of the best ways raise awareness and funds for your mission is by having an email or print newsletter in place. For many people figuring out how to get emails on their email list is the hardest part. That’s what this podcast is about. Peyton and Pete both share their experiences on how they were able to establish their newsletters and gain support for their missions.

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