So, I had a conversation with my mentor, Mac Lake.

Mac is a dynamo of all things leadership related. He’s probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

I was recently speaking with him on the phone when I had a conversation about some large opportunities looming on the horizon.

Mac spoke to me about the vision for my life.

“Where do you want to be 16 years from now?” he asked.

I was stumped. “I don’t know” was all that I could muster.

The conversation ended, but the question didn’t. Instead, it continued to haunt me.

I talked it over with God, with my wife, and with a couple of friends.

Sometimes there are questions that nobody can really help you with.

At North American Mission Board, I train church planters, and church planting trainers alike to craft what’s called a Kingdom Concept.

It’s a Venn Diagram that Will Mancini unpacks in his book Church Unique.

In a follow-up question, being no closer to the truth, Mac suggested I make a Kingdom Concept for my life. Those of you in the know already realize that the Vision Frame is coming next!

In all the writing, making videos, recording podcasts, and developing training, I’ve never once considered where I want or need to end up.

Will Rogers once said, “Be careful when you aim for nothing…or you just might hit it.”

I’ll be unpacking this journey in the weeks to come.

It will involve scribbling on notebooks, sitting on a bluff overlooking the beach stoically, and staring at my navel a little bit. I’m not particularly good at any of those things, but I know that it’ll be worth the investment.

To be honest, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make one.

I’ll keep you posted…watch this space.


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