Do you have your three circles still?

I hope so.

If not, go get them.

I’ll wait.

(You back…it’s cool. I was just hanging out here, thinking about being a ninja. It’s pretty cool.)

Paul was a ninja with a mission.

If you know anything about the Apostle Paul, he understood his mission.

Let’s apply the Kingdom Concept to Paul’s calling. He was born into pre-christian world that needed the gospel. He had the training of a Pharisee, and he had a passion for the gospel. Theat combination led him to become who he was…the apostle to the gentiles.

He discovered his calling.  Of course, having Jesus appear to you and give it to you on the road is a bit of a cheat.  But that said, Jesus was the one who gave him his kingdom concept.

Once you begin to dive into this, it becomes powerful.

All of them begin like this “I exist to glorify God and make disciples by ____________” and then fill in the blank.

Oh, that beginning part? Yeah, that’s why you exist. You exist to glorify God , the question is how are you going to do that? You have also been asked to make disciples throughout the world. But how?

For C.S. Lewis, it was writing fantasy and teaching students that caused him to glorify God and make disciples. Even though he’s in glory, his legacy continues to do that very thing.

Perhaps your answer will be very simple. Perhaps it will be complex.

Some people’s answer is “I exist to glorify God and make disciples by knowing God and making him known”.  That used to be my mission statement.

After doing this exercise at the dawn of 2018, I came up with this:

“I exist to glorify God and make disciples by equipping the next generation to reverse the decline in the church through reformation and revival”

That statement is my kingdom concept: it’s the place where the world’s need, my gifting, and my personal joy come together into mission.

Not bad, huh?

Everything I do fits into a box somewhere in my kingdom concept statement…why? Because it’s my mission statement. Everything I do should fit into that somewhere.

More on that next week.

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