Reflecting on planting the Corinthian church, Paul said that he “laid a foundation like a wise and master builder” (1 Cor 3:10).  Compared to our padawan efforts at planting, Paul was a Jedi master at it.  Paul used a team approach that wasn’t too much unlike the building of modern houses.  When building a house, you need a team of plumbers, electricians, foundation layers, carpenters, and otherwise.  God left behind a five-fold aspect to ministry wherein a pastor supplies what an evangelist is lacking and an “apostle” (little ‘a’) does what a pastor can’t do. There is a pattern in the New Testament of traveling in teams of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers. Guys who can complement your weaknesses.  One guy leading isn’t enough.  Jesus sent them two by two.

Paul knew he should never walk alone because his Master’s method was to send them in teams of two, propelling the disciples out into the towns of Judea in dynamic duos like double-barreled shotgun blasts.  Did you notice the breakdown of the teams in Luke 10?  There were 36 teams of two.  Similarly, check out Barnabas’s Method of Operations. In Acts 11:25 when Barnabas is sent by the twelve to go and check out what’s happening up in Antioch, the first thing he decides to do is find a partner.  That’s going to be step one for you too.  Barnabas too took lessons from the Master, tagged his bags for Tarsus, and booked a passage to recruit a once legendary figure  named Saul, who after 11 years had faded into obscurity.  Therefore, recruiting your team is the first step to laying a foundation if you’re going to do it like a wise and master builder.

Paul’s 1st century Church planting network enabled multiple teams to strategically hit numerous targets throughout a broader area, operating in a bartering system of interchangeable men with interchangeable gifts who travel to an area when needed.  Paul’s network was Asia Minor, and he moved his carpenters, plumbers, and electricians all around this little piece of Turkish real estate as and when needed.

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