Scholars argue whether Paul advanced the gospel through planting churches, or church planting happened as a result of advancing the gospel. The two are inexorably linked together, intertwined like two lovers that “till death do us part”. Therefore, you’ll have to excuse me if I refuse to recognize the church starting that most do today by honoring them with the term “church planting”.

Nonetheless, the number one thing that we ought to be equipping our ministers to do when they graduate seminary, is to reach the unreached with the gospel, but instead, we focus on honing their homilies to a room full of Christians. Therefore, when they graduate, they are unable to do most of what we read about in the pages of Acts.

Church planters, core team members, and ordinary everyday believers…you are the hope of your community.

Church planting itself will be your seminary.

For on this church planting journey, you will learn to live the book of Acts, and not just read it. 

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