Be Batman

You want to be Batman right?

There’s a motivational poster out there that says, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman” If ministers were superheroes, most pastors would be like Superman; straight, squeaky clean, all-american boy scouts. Californians might get a pass and get to be Aquaman because they’re always surfing when they should be studying.

Some resemble the Flash, zipping about in a flurry of activity, meeting with people over cups of milk infused espresso.

Church planters get to be Batman.

Correction. Church planters who target Gotham city get to be Batman. Batman wouldn’t be the same guy if he was in Metropolis. It’s the difference between Compton and Beverly Hills.

Like the apostle Paul, they are front line in the cesspit of the Gotham trenches. The target that city because it’s so trashy, it needs a Batman. They don’t get to play church in Metropolis or build shiny fortresses of solitude that sparkle like crystal cathedrals.

Instead, they get a dark wet subterranean cave as their base of operations because it’s free. Most of a Planter’s ministry is reaching out to people who are in the bottom of deep, dark holes. Any community where a church plant is needed is rife with drugs, addiction, abuse, and the devastating effects of sin. Crime fighting in Gotham is a dirty job, and somebody’s gotta have the stomach for it.

There have been too many who have opted to plant thinking it was the path to glory. They mistakenly assumed it would get them shiny tights and a shot at possessing a key to the Justice League washroom. All too late they realize that instead it earns them busted ribs, broken jaws, and a mouthful of asphalt. They mistakenly assumed that the grass would be greener on the other side of church planting than it was at the church where they served as a youth pastor at their old church. Grass? Who ever told them there was grass on the other side? This is a war, and the other side of the trench is a wash of mud, blood, and crud. Nonetheless, the Master wants the Kingdom to expand into that territory, and that means getting out of your foxhole and leaping over the top.

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