Refuge Long Beach


We send people on short term missions to awaken their gifts and to set their hearts on mission.

What if we didn’t need to buy a plane ticket?

What if instead of getting a passport, we infiltrated the darkest parts of the city that we live next to?

That was the question I asked when I first returned home from Wales and planted a church in inner city Long Beach.

After handing over to a team leadership, I gradually created distance and eventually allowed them to lead by themselves. The Lord has continued to reach so many souls over the years.

Just this week I met Miguel.

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A third entry from my book Church Zero, you can purchase Church Zero Right Here!

I want to challenge the next generation of church leaders to go back to New Testament principles that ensure a church’s survival of any cultural revolution. I’m crying sola scriptura at the top of my lungs and challenging leaders to embody that spirit. Any church that fails to do so will soon become just another subculture that has failed to infiltrate its surrounding culture. Understanding the biblical A-Team is indispensable for a biblical

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Paul was so inspired by Christ’s example of suffering, sacrifice, and death, that he imitated his Captain’s acts of heroism.  In turn, he reproduced heroic men, and drew brave men to himself on his missionary journeys.  A good leader who inspires courage in others cannot be underestimated.  Captain Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame was such a leader. While crossing the Rocky Mountains, a hardened mountain-man and explorer slid on the ice towards a precipice that would have resulted in certain death plunging him hundreds of feet below  As he helplessly slid across the ice, panic stricken and unable to stop himself, he frantically cried out, “Captain Lewis! What should I do? What should I do?”  In his final moments, he cried out to a man he trusted more than his own instincts, much like the trained fishermen woke Jesus as he slept in the hull of the boat, “Lord, we’re about to drown!”.  Spirit inspired leadership causes people to abandon their instincts and to follow somebody that they are confident is hearing from the Captain of souls.  This can’t be learned from a book; but is cultivated in the soul.  It is the powerful leadership that this generation needs.  They wait for somebody they can follow; somebody with undaunted courage in the face of an onslaught of opposition.

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Super Teams

 The Avengers rocked the box office because the producers knew that superhero team ups offer much more than the spotlight on a solo hero.  An interplay of highly specialized skills is necessary to slam evil, and advance the cause of Christ.  If that’s the case with Superheroes, why wouldn’t it be the case with church planters?  Lollapalooza and Woodstock proved it in the world of jams.

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Continuing from my previous blog, when you look at Paul, there was no “i” in his name, or in his methods. Paul recruited teams of diverse leaders. Like a wise master builder (or contractor), Paul was able to draft plumbers, framers, roofers, and electricians so to speak when it came to leadership.

When you combine these specialists together, you get a complete house.  Separate them, and as the Babelites found, your building goes from Babel to rabble.  When a team comes together under the leading of the Holy Spirit a chemical reaction results.

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