Components of a Christ like Leader

Pt. 1


Being above reproach is the summary of all that Paul lists in the passage. It is so important that Paul states it twice; once in verse 6, then again in verse 7. There should be no gaping holes in a leader’s character. Any truly humble leader wrestles with the statements in this list, wondering if they wash him out. No leader truly feels above reproach. Thankfully Paul elaborates by providing a list of character traits that define what “above reproach” means. The assembled components make up the model of a Christ like leader.

Here is the first in the list of components:

The husband of one wife

The church planter needs to demonstrate competent leadership in his own home before presuming to lead in God’s house. It is important to draw a distinction here regarding male and female leadership. Paul addresses the qualifications to males in this passage, speaking to the husbands. Nonetheless, he includes qualifications for their wives as well, indicating team leadership in marriage.  That said, I’ll address the characteristics to a male audience as Paul wrote them. Understand however, that I consider women both necessary and biblical in church leadership. In every church I’ve planted, we’ve needed women to shepherd the women, and found that females in leadership are essential. John Wesley employed women evangelists. Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos together as a team.

While I’m at it, I feel the need to touch on male leadership in the home because the nature of spiritual leadership is often misunderstood. Leadership in scripture never has to do with pressuring, bullying, or bossing, but rather, leading and setting the example for those who are being led. My wife is

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In Lectures to My Students Charles Spurgeon titled the first chapter The Minister’s Self Watch, quoting the proverb, “If the axe be dull, the workman must exert much force”. A wholly yielded man is a powerful weapon in the hands of God, and a damage dealer for the kingdom.  The first question to ask yourself is “Are you a man worth sending?” God’s glory, the expansion of the Kingdom, and blood bought souls are hanging in the balance. It’s easy to imagine why Paul raised the bar so high when their were such high stakes. This is why Paul stated that he was “dominated by the faith of God’s elect” (Titus 1:3). Paul knew that God had targeted people on the far side of his own personal hardships, and therefore the love of Christ compelled Paul and drove him on incessantly through shipwrecks, beating, and near starvation. To sacrificially endure hardship like a good soldier, for the sake

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Leadership Conversations with Mac Lake

mac lake
Hey Everyone,
This week I have something new for you. Last month I was able to sit down with my good friends and great leader, Mac Lake.

In this conversation, we talk about the call to church planting, building a team, and maximizing your team’s calling.

I’m keeping this week’s message short and sweet because the real message is in the video.

You can click the video about or Click Here to head on over to the video!

Buy Peyton’s newest book “Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art” over on You can also download a free chapter and watch a cool trailer for the book HERE or click the image below.




 So you think you’re called to lead a team into hostile territory?

It’s not for the faint of heart. Paul lays out requirements for ministry that serve as barbed wire obstacles that every church planter has to either crawl over, or walk away from. If you think you’ve got what it takes to press forward in the call to lead, you will get hung up on them, and need to spend some time unhooking yourself. As a veteran planter, Paul knew what would happen if these men hadn’t challenged themselves before being challenged on the field of battle. Often, a someone’s gifting can outrun their character. If their character isn’t put through the ropes, they can be a walking liability. Putting a Springfield Garand M1 rifle in the hands of any recruit is arming somebody with a dangerous weapon. Ministry is no

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Five Star Friday


What I’ve been reading:

Twelve Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson. Peterson is somebody who intrigues me. I’ve been watching him on Youtube (with millions of others) as he debates freedom of speech, and the return of common sense. He’s afraid of the idealogues of the left because he knows history. He knows that in the 20th century, millions were executed for an leftist ideology for the good of mankind. That should scare anyone from any side of the radical/conservative divide. Ideologies can be extremely dangerous, and it’s into the current unbridled love of ideas and ideologies that Peterson speaks, reminding us of what happens when people lose their minds over ideas…it usually involved losing their lives, or the lives of the people on the opposing sides. He caught my attention debating atheists, but now his book has intrigued me as well. I haven’t figured him out yet. He’s a strange mix of scientist, theologian, and historian, and his views sometimes seem incongruent, but I’m enjoying the read, and know one thing. This guy is smart. Crazy smart. Having something intelligent to read is a breath of fresh air.
What I’ve been amused by:
So, DC opened up a new service called DC Universe, which is kind of like Marvel Unlimited. Almost everything that DC has ever done is on an app. Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge Batman geek, particularly the cartoon from the 90s. I used to work at the church from 6am to 11pm

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