The military knows that it can’t have a bunch of individuals running around in a squad. It needs a functioning unit, and to accomplish this, each individual needs to stop thinking of themselves as an individual and reinvent themselves as a member of a body with a specific function that acts on behalf of the squad. The first step in this identity transformation is to buzz the head of every recruit, issue identical standard issue clothing, and teach them to march in formation as a single unit. The Army requires this to instill the principle that there are no individuals in a squad.

Individuals get people killed. Therefore, they have to train them to think as a unit. In the same way you have to train a church planting core team about their corporate identity.

They need to know that they’re no longer Christian consumers who attend church services to meet their own needs. They are no longer merely autonomous individuals. They are soldiers. They are missionaries. When Paul spoke to Timothy, he told him to reframe how he saw himself, “Endure hardship as a good soldier.” They need to know that they are picking a fight with the enemy, and the second they enlist, they are in the

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Post Easter Blues


Welcome to the Post Easter Blues.

I made that up.

But you know what I’m talking about…

Many pastors (sadly) use Easter as a time to play the ministry lottery. If they invest in enough outreach, or pour enough money into marketing, then when the big day arrives, they see if it “paid off”.

In other words, how big of a crowd came through the door. They’ll tell themselves that it was so that they “could hear the gospel”, but we know the truth. If that was what they truly cared about, they’d be out there sharing it with people, taking the gospel to them.

No, it’s really all about butts in seats and bucks in the buckets at the end of the day. And when the wheel has been spun and these pastors didn’t win

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Paul always started with outreach. You can’t just start with Christians, and expect the lost to magically turn up. To turn magical thinking into a reality, somewhere between stage 2 and 3 is a secret locomotive platform that you’ve got to locate if you’re going to get where you want. Somewhere you will need to start reaching out to the lost together as a team. You’ve got to begin community outreach before your public launch because at the end of the day, you’re not looking to simply start a new church for Christians to go to. There should be other things that you’re doing in order to get out into the community as a group. We’ll talk more about that later, but for now, simply understand that outreach along the way is an essential part of developing the bond within your team. It’s part of your bonding experience!!!


There is nothing as exhilarating as the backside of your public launch. Most of us wanna climb back up thousands of feet and jump all over again before we’ve even repacked our parachute… A few words about planning your public launch.

Planning is essential.

This date needs to be set in stone before you even put the others on the calendar. The reason why is that you’re going to be tempted to keep moving it back because you’re a chicken.

You know it, and I know it.

So draw a line in the sand from the start. Like it or not, you’re jumping out of that plane Mr. T, even if we have to drug you or knock you out. You need to start from this date and work backward; determining how long your team needs to bond before you start inviting the lost to your church. Whether you plan to launch out of a coffee shop, community center, night club, or still meet in your house, it’s party time in heaven, coz souls are about to get saved from this date forward.

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In the film “Jerry Maguire”, Jerry has an epiphany about how things should be and writes a memo called “the things we think and do not say”. His radical manifesto costs him everything, and in his passion for what he believes, he commits himself to a vision. As a church planter, I relate to that movie more than most people will ever realize.

Church planters have been given enough faith to see something that doesn’t exist yet, and that faith produces bravery to follow the vision. Jerry had one person and a goldfish after his stand at the office, but I had a room of people ready to trust God and see where it leads.

In the end, your core team will be looking to follow you, wondering like Cuba Gooding Jr. saying “Show me the Church Plant”.

Cuba’s reason for staying with Jerry is summed up in just five words. “I believe in you, Jerry”. Your core team is ready to leave good churches, stable programs, and follow you out into the unknown. You will never forget the faces of the first brave souls ready to jump with you, and you’ll be humbled by their faith. Not faith in you, but faith in God, and their willingness to follow somebody out of the open hatch of the airplane as they free-fall into the hands of God.

“Who’s coming with me?”

You’ll be grateful that it’s not just you and the goldfish…but you’ll still want to take the goldfish!

So How do you make sure that you’re not falsely expecting people to follow you while you’re raving and waving a bag containing a goldfish?


Preferably, you’re not meeting on a Sunday morning. Sundays mean that they’d have to ditch their own churches and it’s too early for that. They’re just getting a feel for what you’re about to do. Don’t worry if they don’t fully understand where you’re going overnight. Look to Jesus and his patience with the twelve during their three years traveling daily with Jesus, gathering up the fragments of his vision, readjusting when they understood it, and questioning it when they didn’t.

Months into the game, however, you’re gonna need to know who on your team is with you. Are they really on your team, or just along for the ride until something better turns up? You need to know if they’re in or out. You’re on a need to know basis now, and you need to know because there is work to do, people to reach, and enemy strongholds to demolish.

This is like the time Gideon crossed the stream to conquer Jericho. At this time, you’ll need to take note of who is drinking from their hands, or lapping like a dog. It’s cut off time. Some decide not to come back; some don’t make the grade. They vote with their feet, or you cut their feet out from under them.

The rest stay because they don’t mind that you told them Davidic dancing was too weird and was gonna freak out the lost, or that you actually do believe what the bible says.

Either way, they’ve worked out what you’re up to now, and it’s time to decide. You’ve finished nailing your colors to the mast, and you need to know who is ready to take to the high seas before you leave port. Losing people is tough at this stage but necessary.

Don’t mess around if they aren’t meant to be there…like Gideon, send ’em home if God tells you to.

For those who are crazy enough to throw their lot in with you, they’ll need to tell their pastors immediately. I’m not suggesting that you have to go read Kissinger’s tome on diplomacy, but you’re going to have to pray for wisdom as you chat with their pastors in order to gain their support. This is a sticky wicket, and you’ll need to approach them carefully

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The coffee’s hot. The spice bread is on the plate. Your living room is about to become a vortex designed to draw people into a whole new world. Call it the doors forming the portal to Narnia; call it the first step on the road leading away from the shire; call it the first visit to the Mos Eisley spaceport with Obi Won…Either way, a whole magical world is about to open up for them beyond the wardrobe…A new adventure is unfolding down the road from the Frodo’s front door “And wither then? I cannot say…” This spaceship is about to take off and tackle the forces of the evil Empire… AN UNEXPECTED PARTY

Every great adventure starts with a meeting of the minds. Bilbo got a knock on the door from Gandalf the Grey, and 14 dwarves who followed. In this case, you’ve invited 8 people to your house for a cup of coffee, a bite of cake, and some mind-blowing vision. You’re about to share with them what you’ve put in the letter…but this time face to face.

There is such a thing as group dynamics. The ideal interpersonal group communicates well somewhere between 8 -12 people. For that reason, I suggest inviting no more than 8 other people. Including your wife and you, that makes 10. Over pouring the cups of coffee, you hand them a full copy

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