Reaching the Unreached in Amazon’s November Deals!

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Hey Everyone,

I have some really exciting news!

You may have seen me post about this already but hey, like I said, I’m excited about this!

Reaching the Unreached has been selected by Amazon as one of their November Kindle Monthly deals!

Amazon only selects a few ebooks in each category for this deal so it is a great honor that they selected my book!

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If you’re going to be a church planter, you’re not going to get paid to read books and drink coffee. You won’t get paid to eat at expensive restaurants or wear nice clothes while you crack jokes from the pulpit. But from heaven’s perspective, the world is not worthy of you.

All too frequently, a young man sets his sight on the ministry because he’s gunning for a pulpit. He’s told that he’ll need to buckle down for a lengthy term at seminary and a hefty bill to pay the price. On the day he graduates, he somehow doesn’t feel any more qualified to minister to people than when he went in. He’s had his nose buried in texts, and subtexts, but he still can’t read between the lines. He’s book smart, not street smart. It’s time that we realize that seminary, as helpful as it can be, is still a business. They need your money too. If you’re willing to give it to them, in exchange for a

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In Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks’s character receives an apology that his squad is getting deployed to another dangerous mission. In Saving Private Ryan, Lt. Col. Anderson tells Tom Hanks’s character “It was a tough assignment. That’s why you got it.” God sends his best out…every time. Paul, Peter, John, Timothy…

Paul likens being a minister to being a soldier, and as such, you will be deployed places you wouldn’t go for vacation. Sadly, ministry has been distorted into a privileged position of indulgence rather than a sacrificial lifestyle of mission. We witness a religious celebrity empire building enterprise that sickens the souls of those who help to build it.

Ironically, the church that has always been reticent to grasp technology found church leaders take to social media like ducks to water. Want to know

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Components of a Christ like Leader

Pt. 6


Self-controlled; upright, holy, and disciplined:

Together, these make a complete picture. They represent a man whose eyes aren’t darting at every boob job at church, or streaming internet porn behind the office door. In the end, you’re known for being consistent throughout your life because the eyes of God are prized higher than the eyes of man, and you value what those eyes see more than anything else. If you’re into internet porn…get help, get anti-porn software, get rid of the computer. Seriously. I’ll never forget a conversation with a young man who sat in my office. His eyes bulged in disbelief when I told him that the days of a home computer were over for him. I pointed to a scripture verse “better to enter heaven without an internet connection than to be tossed into the flames of hell”. Okay, I took some liberty with that one, but you get the point. It was meant to be blunt, forceful, and drastic. Jesus wasn’t messing around with

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