Creating A Church Planting Hub

1st Century Style Training in the 21st Century

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There are a few times that I share my consuming passion. I’m consumed with training church planters, as I know the Apostle Paul was. The thing is, he kept getting better and better at it. I know that we can too. On today’s podcast, I share about how to create an Ephesus style church planting hub in the 21st Century. I couldn’t be more excited about any topic. If you’re new to the Church Planter podcast, I’ll need to explain that we have about 20-30 minutes of banter, depending on our mood. Hope you enjoy it!


The Lollapalooza of Church Planting

Join Me for the Mobilization Track

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Remember Lollapalooza?


It was the ultimate bandfest where headliners like Radiohead, the Foo Fighters, Beck, Rage Against the Machine and Incubus took the stage in rocked the world as the Woodstock of the 90s.


Simply put, if you were into rock, it was the place to be.


Exponential is the Lollapalooza of church planting.


Hundreds of speakers are under one roof, at any given time, kicking down church planting wisdom applicable to various contexts, models, and methods.


But the thing I appreciate about Exponential the most, is that they get it.

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The Church Planter Podcast Episode #216

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Every week, I sit with Pete Mitchell, friend, business partner, and former church planting core team member, and talk church planting.

The first 30 minutes of the show we engage with something called “smack talk” consisting of banter on culture, pop culture, the news, and whatever else we feel like talking about. Then, for the remaining 30 minutes, we talk church planting goodness. It’s like getting to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

This week, we discuss Bill Paxton, and I go on a little bit of a rant about why stuff like this matters if you’re trying to reach people.

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The Church Planter Podcast

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For those of you who haven’t read Church Zero…ahem…

We are starting a new series on the Church Planter Podcast leading up to my next book Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders Of The Lost Art. The book will explore what happens when the gifts of everyday believers are activated by the 5 roles in Ephesians 4:10-11.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve started to unpack what FIST leadership is (Hint: It’s about church planting as a team).

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