Five Star Friday

What I’m celebrating:
My brother, V.C. Jones III a.k.a “Trey Jones” published his first novel! Now, in my family, the writing thing is genetic. My grandfather was a best-selling civil war author, and my father was a playwright. One specialized in fiction, and the other in non-fiction. So when the gene pool decided to trickle over into the next generation, it neatly divided into two streams. Make no mistake, my brother is the smarter of the two of us, and his writing is fantastic. I’ve read most of what he’s written on the editorial side for content, and I’ve been impressed. It’s called “Nali’s Wager” and is a fictional
fantasy epic novel about the origins of Kris Kringle in a Viking pagan background. Some of you have heard of the Nordic Krampus legend? Well, this is a Kringle that Krampus fears. Part super-hero, part Santa, part norseman, this is not your Victorian Father Christmas. You can grab his book over on Amazon:,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

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Five Star Friday


So I know you’ve been missing my Five Star Fridays. I’ve heard your requests for more and today I’m giving you another peak into my week!

What I’m pondering – Gods grace on our enemies. I had somebody wrong me. Really wrong me. For the best part of the past year my family and I were taken advantage of. Despite being in a place of being terribly wronged by somebody who knew better, I’ve been waking up praying grace upon them because I know that they’re in their own personal hell as they pick up the pieces of what they’ve done. This to me is a testimony of grace. I know what a debtor to Gods mercy I am, and to be honest, it’s a great mercy to me that I’m not kept in the prison of bitterness. When we allow anger, rage, and bitterness to consume us, we allow them to repeatedly hurt us beyond the original offense. Frankly, I don’t want to give anyone that kind of power over me or my family. Jesus was wise to ask God to forgive us, as we’ve forgiven others. It kinda puts it all in perspective.

What I’m reading – The Last Enchantment. The third part of the Merlin series, this book was beautifully crafted by Mary Stewart in the 1950s. This isn’t the Merlin you’ve heard about. This is a historic fiction novel that attempts to reconstruct the King Arthur legend as it may have actually

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The Culture In The Middle


The church planter called me up from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He needed to talk about his culture.

99% of the nice side of town was affluent mormons, while the other side of the tracks was a shame based culture of failed mormons.

He had been spinning his wheels for three years, trying to make a dent, and not getting any clearer on what to do.

I told him that the #1 problem he was facing was that he was in a culture that defined itself by religion.

As a church planter, he was struggling against trying to get people from a bigger culture of religion to join a smaller subculture of religion.

He wanted to reach both people I described, so I explained to him that the city’s shame based culture of religion was the big culture represented by a large circle. His church’s subculture was a smaller circle of religion. Trying to get people to leave one big circle to join a smaller circle was problematic if you were relying on attractional methods like door hangers and the like.

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Creating A Church Planting Hub

1st Century Style Training in the 21st Century

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.57.18 PM

There are a few times that I share my consuming passion. I’m consumed with training church planters, as I know the Apostle Paul was. The thing is, he kept getting better and better at it. I know that we can too. On today’s podcast, I share about how to create an Ephesus style church planting hub in the 21st Century. I couldn’t be more excited about any topic. If you’re new to the Church Planter podcast, I’ll need to explain that we have about 20-30 minutes of banter, depending on our mood. Hope you enjoy it!


16 Years From Now…Where Will you Be?

Your answer will determine the next 15 years


So, I had a conversation with my mentor, Mac Lake.

Mac is a dynamo of all things leadership related. He’s probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

I was recently speaking with him on the phone when I had a conversation about some large opportunities looming on the horizon.

Mac spoke to me about the vision for my life.

“Where do you want to be 16 years from now?” he asked.

I was stumped. “I don’t know” was all that I could muster.

The conversation ended, but the question didn’t. Instead, it continued to haunt me.

I talked it over with God, with my wife, and with a couple of friends.

Sometimes there are questions that nobody can really help you with.

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