episode 12

Hey there Ninjas,
I’m re-launching my video series, the Church Planting Minute!

These are quick videos about a minute long (sometimes 2 minutes) where I talk about different Church Planting topics!

This week I have two to share with you and from here on out you’ll see a new one every week!

First we have episode 11

This episode asks the question, “What are the most important factors when planting a church?”

Then we have episode 12

“Smile Stupid, Its Suppose to Suck”- Church Planting Minute Ep. 12

In this video we ask the question, “Is Church planting hard or easy?” I give some tips on how to best go about church planting.

My last request.

Would you watch it, comment on it, and even share it if you have a way to do so?

Thanks, as we’re starting to get consistency, we are going to be posting these every week, and you doing these things helps us get off the ground.

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