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Hey ninjas!

A few days ago I hit you up about your goals. I asked you how you were doing.

Look, I’m not a Catholic Priest, so I’ll be taking no confessions today.

I laid out that you need to make sure that your goals aren’t idolatrous. You need to make sure that they in some way match up with God’s will for your life.

So how to do that?

How to make sure that you’ve got the right goals?

I’ve been training church planting trainers for the North American Mission Board for the past two years now. During that process, I train them to do something called the Kingdom Concept.

This was a tool developed by Will Mancini, who helps churches establish their vision. My leadership mentor, Mac Lake, told me over the phone that with all of the possibilities and opportunities that came at me last year that I needed to start working out my own personal kingdom concept.

Lost you yet?

What I’m saying is that just like a church needs to discover what it’s mission is, so does every Christian.

Some people feel that they have it all figured out. Be a good husband, wife, mother, father, employee, citizen, etc.

Others, and I think they speak for most of us, don’t have it figured out.

They wonder what in the world they’re meant to be doing.

So, let me map out the venn diagram for you.





I’m going to modify this for us.

In the top left, the local predicament is the world’s need.

What does the world need?

Then, in the upper right, is the collective potential, or your gifting, ability, resources (financial, or time-wise).  What can you do?

Lastly, the bottom circle is the apostolic esprit, or what are you passionate about?

What do you want to do?

What brings you joy?

So why don’t you draw three overlapping circles (A venn diagram) and list about five things in each circle, and see how you can distill them into a centralized statement.

When these three factors overlap, and meet in the middle, you have our kingdom concept, or where you fit in the world. It’s the combination of where God has put you, how he’s gifted you, and what brings you joy.

When those three overlap, you’ve got it.

Next week, I’ll tell you what to do with it.

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