Books I’ve been Reading – Tools of the Titans- By Tim Ferris. So I’m not on the Tim Ferris bandwagon like everyone else. This book however takes the people who have inspired him (there are hundreds) and looks at the life hacks in three separate areas: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.  In a few pages, he summarizes what makes them tick in one of those three areas. Think of it as health, business, and life in general, including family and spirituality. As a missionary and constant student of how people think, I’m finding it fascinating. Some people are clearly waaaaay into their health though. They will have tighter abs, but probably worry too much. I think some of society is guilty of negligence regarding their bodies, while others are guilty of neurotic attention to too much detail. Anyways, I’ll let you know when I hit the next section and see if I have any gleaning.

What I’m contemplating – Jesus. I’m really at a place where I want to think about church planting less, and Jesus a whole lot more. Even down to my podcast. I found myself telling Pete Mitchell the other day that I wanted to just show up and talk about the Lord. Sound weird? It shouldn’t. Maybe it’s weird that we talk around him so much without actually talking about him at all.

What is inspiring me – Prayer. I can tell that I’m being called back into planting because my prayer life has kicked up a notch. I recently spoke to some guys at the network I founded about prayer and spiritual warfare and why they go hand in hand. To be honest, my prayers of late have felt a whole lot like spiritual warfare, and smelling the scent of napalm in the morning has been refreshing.

What’s frustrating me – Cussing pastors. I talk to a lot of pastors, and maybe people think I’m cooler than I am. I keep hearing them dropping cusswords in conversation. I’ve always held to the fact that our speech should be incorruptible, and that the first sign of that is to clean up our mouths. I know people are trying to be relevant, and edgy, but it just seems sad to me. Cussing is linked to aggression in many people, and for me, they’re trigger words. If I hear you cuss around me, something tenses up. In my household, cussing was followed by violence, and I still feel the anger rise up when someone close to me uses those words…call it a reflex, but it’s something I’ve had to take to Jesus over the years. I expect it from lost people.Heck, being a firefighter, it was first language for everyone around me, but I held my tongue. I don’t know, when I view the hypocrisy in conversation, it makes me shudder what else is going on when people aren’t in the pulpit. There’s too much double standards in my taste, and in leaders, it should be different. What shouldn’t be said when I’m preaching the gospel, probably shouldn’t be said at all.

What I’m listening to – Citizens and Saints. I dig these guys. I’m not a huge listener of praise music. I have my faves. I like oldies, and some Jesus hippy music. I tend to be eclectic in my musical tastes, and a little picky when it comes to Jesus music, but they made the grade. They blend old hymns with a vibrant sound that sounds like…them…and a little like Dustin Kensrue.

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