What I’m pondering: Still working through my life…what to cut. What to add. Still wondering what balance I give to my health, soul, work, family, and side hustle projects. It’s all about hearing His voice right now, and I may of course be planting a church in the future as well… there’s always that.

What I’m reading: Jeremiah. You know, when I first came to faith, this book was my favorite, but at this stage in my walk, I can honestly say that it’s the book I know the very least. Of course, I used to lecture Old Testament in Wales at a local seminary after getting my MA Theology. I was on vacation when it came time to teach through Jeremiah, so I didn’t study it in depth like the others. So, I’m remedying that, and it’s the same medicine to my soul it was back when it was my favorite Old Testament prophet. I think it’s safe to say that the part of God’s word that I understand the best becomes my favorite. the Bible is funny like that.

What I’m laughing at: Sir Ian’s McKellan’s methodology of acting. Hollywood is so taken with itself sometimes…let’s be honest, acting is simply pretending to be somebody else. My father was an actor, and he never thought it magical, or used self-congratulatory terms to describe it. He would laugh at so many of the things that actor’s today say about their skill. It’s good pretending. This clip drives that home:

Gadgets helping me: I only just discovered the Overdrive app in the App Store. It’s a way to enjoy audiobooks, movies, and ebooks from your library…without having to buy them. So when that audible credit runs out for the month, you can check it out from the library…on your Phone! But I’m guessing you all knew this already…

What is disorienting me: I’ve been out of my house for a year. Seriously. Think about that. What if you had to pack up everything in a suitcase, and your family had to do the same? For one year, you live in hotels, apartments, with family? Many of you know that my house flooded a year ago. We have lived out of suitcases for one year now this month. Once they pulled the drywall off of our beach cottage, there wasn’t much left of the house to save. The studs had to be replaced completely. The drywall, stucco, floors, you named it. My entire house is getting redone, but it required planning permits, etc. So, we couldn’t go back, and we couldn’t go forward for a while. In a couple of weeks, we should be in. We’ll see. Living out of your element that long begins to change the way you think. It changes the mind. It crowbars you out of your surroundings, routines, and securities. Perhaps this has all been something God was doing anyways, but I’ve noticed that there has been a slightly disorienting feeling that’s interrupted my thought processes. Right now, I have four offices…one at a church in Oceanside (when I’m there), one in Huntington Beach, at Refuge’s closet…no really, I’m in a closet…they offered better, but I declined as it met my needs, one at wherever I’m living, and finally, any coffeeshop in America has seen me working away depending on my mood, or state of caffeination. Chalk that one up to an experience. As my friends say, if I’ve got one thing to talk about, it’s experiences. I have a lot of those.

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