What I’m reading – Nothing. Why you ask? “I live in a van down by the river” To be honest, I’m going down the ladder quickly. I started in a house, went to an apartment, moved in with the mother-in-law, and now live in a trailer? Did I win something? Truthfully, I’ll be back into my repaired house, but it’s enough to say that my contractor abandoned our project, claiming bankruptcy two weeks ago. We joke about it, but the trailer is a blessing. It saves us a drive from OC to SD everyday to get the kids to school. Grateful for a trailer? Never thought I’d say that. Perspective is an interesting thing.
“The girl who envied the girl with shoes felt bad until she saw the girl with no feet.”
“But the girl with no feet didn’t need shoes…”
“Shut up”

What I’m pondering – how awesome running water, electricity, a/c, internet, and indoor plumbing is.

What I’m hoping – No big bad wolves live in our neighborhood. We have coyotes, and they’re closely related. I don’t think they blow houses down though…trailers ain’t made of bricks.

What I’m laughing at – I live in a trailer. No, the other night when I was writing up an account of what happened with our house restoration, I was listening to 80’s tunes. Sometimes they make me feel good while I have to do sucky things. I started laughing out loud, and Andrea asked me what I was laughing at. I said, “I just tweeted ‘How exactly does one wang-chung…asking for a friend. He needs to know by tonight.’” To which my wife said, “You really crack yourself up, don’t you?” Which is her way of saying “you’re not funny”.

What is firing me – Jesus. There’s a saying… “You never know that God is all you need until he’s all you have”

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