What I’ve been reading:

Twelve Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson. Peterson is somebody who intrigues me. I’ve been watching him on Youtube (with millions of others) as he debates freedom of speech, and the return of common sense. He’s afraid of the idealogues of the left because he knows history. He knows that in the 20th century, millions were executed for an leftist ideology for the good of mankind. That should scare anyone from any side of the radical/conservative divide. Ideologies can be extremely dangerous, and it’s into the current unbridled love of ideas and ideologies that Peterson speaks, reminding us of what happens when people lose their minds over ideas…it usually involved losing their lives, or the lives of the people on the opposing sides. He caught my attention debating atheists, but now his book has intrigued me as well. I haven’t figured him out yet. He’s a strange mix of scientist, theologian, and historian, and his views sometimes seem incongruent, but I’m enjoying the read, and know one thing. This guy is smart. Crazy smart. Having something intelligent to read is a breath of fresh air.
What I’ve been amused by:
So, DC opened up a new service called DC Universe, which is kind of like Marvel Unlimited. Almost everything that DC has ever done is on an app. Those of you who know me know that I’m a huge Batman geek, particularly the cartoon from the 90s. I used to work at the church from 6am to 11pm at night (prompting some to think I lived there), only to come home for a dinner break at 4pm so I could watch Batman every day. It was my favorite show, and for 79 dollars, there was an offer to get it for 18 months. Not bad. Of course, DC can’t make a good movie to save their life (except for Wonder Woman) but their characters are iconic, and way better than Marvel’s. Okay, they’re cool too. Don’t get hurt…just not as cool.
What I’ve been up to:
I opened a training Center in Denver, Colorado. In my own backyard, I opened a giant trench. Who knew that Bobcats could be so fun? It’s the closest thing you’ll ever know to actually being like Ripley on Aliens, in a giant exoskeleton, mechanically manipulating things. There were no aliens, and a few burst pipes, but the fiasco that was my house flood is almost done, and everything nearly put back together. We’ll see. Soon.
What has been concerning me:
Mission funding. I’ve been watching a trend within Christian circles. There is a thought that we can’t depend upon funding missionaries and church planters in the future, which I’m sure is legitimate. After all, I was a missionary for 12 years to the UK, and am now back in the USA and have been actively involved in mission since returning. What I’ve noticed is that some of the non-profits I’ve founded, such as New Breed network, and Refuge Church Long Beach have increasingly struggled financially. I wonder if this is a trend to becoming like the UK, or if it’s an indicator that the next generation of Christians will not give to mission. After all, there are many numerous causes that could be funded, but it always comes back to those serving the causes. Volunteers still have to be funded in some way or other, and somebody is footing the bill. I wonder if Jesus’ words ring true that “the children of the world are often wiser than the sons of the kingdom with their money”. Jesus was making the point that the unbelieving world funds what they believe in, whereas the believers seem to be reluctant to invest in what truly matters. I’ll keep watching, and waiting to see if there is a change coming. I have hopes for this next generation, but they are met with concerns.
What I’ve been ninjaing:

So, I’ve been talking to God about what my next outreach should be. My wife, Andrea and I are starting to feel some stirrings. It’s been a crazy little ride this past year, but we’re starting to feel some sense of clarity with a direction…and it’s about people. That’s always where we’ve started. We’ve never set out to start a church. We’ve started out to reach people. Perhaps that’s the crucial difference. Right now, we’re focusing on praying for the marginalized and looking at what it would mean to reach them. Pray for us as we pray for direction.

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