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Moving Boxes – I’m really into moving boxes right now. I’ve got nearly a hundred of them around me right now. I’ve moved my gigantic office, and bemoaned for the umpteenth time that I hardly use many of them anymore. That said, I’m tired. Moving is tiring. I’ve moved A LOT as a ninja, but I think I’m done. Forever. Until He Comes. Amen.

Communion – I had somebody engage in a conversation with me regarding our approach to people who don’t believe yet. I believe that the faith community itself (enter your church) is an evangelistic tool. One thing led to another on Twitter (as it does) and before long, the conversation went from baptism to communion, and I laid down the gauntlet challenging the widely held belief that communion is only for believers. It might surprise you to find that there is no biblical warrant for this assumption, and that Jesus actually had Judas at the Lord’s supper, and handed him the bread himself. If you want to listen to it, Click right Here 

Music – Keith Green. I’ve married into the Keith Green legacy. Andrea’s family was closely connected with Keith and his ministry. My wife’s oldest sister married Keith Green’s best friend. He’s one of my favorite musicians, but not because of his music. It’s because of the presence of God, the Holy Spirit Himself that drips from his fingers, and vibrates through his vocal chords. As I unpacked my boxes, siri selected Keith for me, and it was like being washed in a pure wall of God. It was an experience. God is reconnecting me in a big way with worship right now and it’s becoming something that I need outside of church as well.  Like, duh…right?

Awards – Well, my book didn’t win the award for Outreach Magazine’s Evangelism 2017 Resource of the Year, but it almost did! It got mentioned as the runner up! I’ll take it! Heck, I don’t have a big megachurch behind my name, or any way to sell books except speaking and social media (sorry about all the posts!), but it’s cool to see the book take off. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s not a “how to” book, and that’s usually what people are looking for. What Reaching the Unreached addresses is the fact that we’re often looking for a “how to” and not relying on the Holy Spirit. Ouch. And that, my friends, is the problem…

Book Contract – I’ve got another book contract that I’m getting ready to sign. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. But I can’t. Sorry. I’m a tease.

But…stay tuned! I’ll reveal all in the coming weeks.

Buy Peyton’s newest book “Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art” over on Amazon.com. You can also download a free chapter and watch a cool trailer for the book HERE or click the image below.


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