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What I’m reading – I’m finishing up a biography about John Wesley. For a few years now I’ve been fascinated by the 18th century incarnation of the apostle Paul that Wesley was. He was harsh at times, gentle at others, and got a heck of a lot done. The book is called John Wesley by Stanely Ayling. It’s the best biography on Wesley that I’ve read. Ayling likes Wesley, no doubt, but has no trouble presenting the man as he really was; not just the romanticized version of him. Studying Wesley helps me to imagine 1st century Pauline ministry in another chronological context and gives me hope for the West in the 21st Century.

Quote I’m pondering – About Wesley “He has generally blown the gospel trumpet and rode twenty miles before most of the professors who despise his labors have left their downy pillows.” – John Fletcher

What is inspiring me – Wesley. First, his work ethic. The man arose at 4am, rode 60 miles horseback a day on average, preached, wrote, and discipled until laying his head down in sleep at about 10pm. He was as tireless as the apostle Paul, and believed that his life could become a weapon in the hands of God against the forces of darkness. Romans 6 says as much, but Wesley, like Paul, lived it. He was amazed that more Christians didn’t grasp this simple truth. I hinted at it in Reaching The Unreached, in my chapter on sanctification, but I confess, I share his bewilderment at times. Nonetheless, I like to read of believers who ran “as if the only one to receive the prize”. Wesley inspires me in that way. He ran like a champ, and inspires me to run faster.

What I’m enjoying – Refuge Long Beach. I wrote a post about it this week(check it out here), but going back to Refuge Long Beach last week was a highlight of my week…maybe my month…

What I’m afraid of – Dolls with knives. My kids not following Jesus. Losing people I love. Failing Jesus and everyone around me with the sacred trust I’ve been given. As the newspapers stack up with accounts of prominent Christian leaders who have fallen, my simple prayer is ‘lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil’. Jesus knew us well, and prescribed that prayer for us daily. My fears don’t rule me, but a healthy dose of fear is a good (and often sanctifying) thing. I also have an unexplained fear of underwater machinery, but I think it goes back to an early visit to Universal studios when I sat next to the edge of the cheesy Jaws ride on the tram. I knew that rubber shark was fake, but it was the thought of getting sucked into the machinery and ground up into it underwater that struck terror into my five year old heart. Plus, when the tram tilted, a bunch of adults squished me into the railing…the only thing between me and that fake rubber shark mechanical atrocity.

p.s. – (bonus star?) if you haven’t caught it yet, be sure to catch my interview with Dr. James Emery White on reaching Generation Z. You won’t be sorry. It’s probably the best interview ever seen on The Hardcore Church Planting Podcast. You can find it here!

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