Books I’m reading – Elon Musk – I just finished his biography, and the one take away that I have is that Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, and Walt Disney, all achieved the impossible because of…wait for it…imagination. We’ve been told that imagination is for loafers; people who don’t work. Yet these “imagineers” took tech, science, entertainment and other realms to a tangible, world changing revolution. Elon Musk imagines things, then makes them happen. Everybody tells him it can’t be done. And he doesn’t listen. I see God in that. I see faith in that. I see Paul in that. I hope eventually, I’ll see myself there too.

Quotes I’m pondering: A man cant always be defending the truth; there must be time to feed on it. -CS Lewis

What I’m watching:  The Terror – An adaptation of the novel by Brad Simmons, the Terror is named after one of the two British ships that disappeared in the 1800s in the attempt to discover the Northern Passage to North America. The show is a bit of a sci-fi, horror. I’m not really a horror person, but I’m a huge fan of Shackleton’s voyage. I’ve read books on it, and although Shackleton explored the Antarctic, this show is like combining all things that I love about that with a mysterious “how did all the crew disappear without a trace” suspenseful hour every week. The story that unfolds is purely fiction. The only thing that is historically true is the characters, crew, and the fact that they disappeared. I still don’t know what’s picking them off one by one, but it is white, like a super stalking polar bear. All things white in nature are to be feared…The great white shark, Moby Dick…okay, he was fake, but still, white animals kill people.

What I’m Excited about: Refuge Long Beach. I love that church. I’m still there. I’m still buzzing that they baptized a member of MS13. I’m going to be there for the next month of so, and during this time, they’ll be moving outside for the summer. Church in public spaces is my passion, so I’m pretty pumped to jump back into the fight, and swing into the trenches with them of front-line gospel work.

What’s Next: I’ve got a new cohort that I’ll be leading on Reaching The Unreached. I can only take a limited amount of people through and it’s only for three weeks, but I’m asking for people to come and join me for 3 weeks, for $50 to cover the costs (I’m not charging for my time) during these sessions and test out what it would be like to lead people through the book. I have two goals 1.) To help people to personally alter their lifestyle to share the gospel naturally with others, and 2.) to help mobilize others around them to do the same.

If you’re interested in joining the cohort, please register by filling out the form (takes two minutes) HERE:Simply fill out the simple five question form here:

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