What I’m contemplating – Wow…keep reading the ninja newsletter over the next few weeks to get the skinny on this one. It’s deep, and morbid. I’m thinking about death. I’m thinking about fame. I’m thinking about eternity.

What I’m reading – I finished reading a book about the making of Labyrinth, the Jim Henson film from the 80s. It was Henson’s last movie, and it bombed when it came out. It’s since been redeemed as a massive cult hit with a significant and loyal following. Initial numbers and reception don’t always mean anything. Jim was a bit discouraged that it didn’t do as well as it should have, but it reminded me that the earthly reception or opinions of others really mean little in the eyes of God. His value is eternal, and He works by different metrics.

Quote inspiring me – My wife sent me the following the other day…and man, I love Andrea. It came at just the right time “For am I trying to please men or God? If I am trying to please men then I am no longer a servant of God”

What I’m listening to – One of the saddest songs every recorded “What Would You Say” by Jeff Buckley. Originally, Jeff heard this when the lead singer of the band Fishbone recorded this desperate heart’s cry to his absentee father. The song imagines the meeting that will take place between them, and the questions that a son would  ask his Father should they meet after the father has abandoned the family. I listened to it over and over this week…don’t ask me why. My dad is dead, and thankfully, my relationship with him was good before he went to glory, but I connect with this song, and the pain that it communicates. Jeff Buckley picked it up for obvious reasons. Abandoned by his father, the famous folk singer, Tim Buckley, Jeff recorded it live and played it on the road. Thank God that He’s a Father to the fatherless…

What I’m doing – This week I train church planting trainers to train the next generation of church planters for the North American Mission Board (aka the Southern Baptists). I love what we do there, and I run the training for the West region of the United States and Canada. Everyone descends on San Diego for a three day retreat that I have the privilege of leading, and I work with some of the most talented and gifted leaders in the country. Both those I train, and those I train with, continually humble me. I’m grateful for the work of the Southern Baptists in the world of church planting and the leadership of both Kevin Ezell, Jeff Christopherson, Charles Campbell, and Micah Millican. A little shout out to my Namb brothers. Thanks for all you do to support church planters, treating them like the rock stars they are!

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