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This week Pete Mitchell and I discuss Giving in your church. To get straight to listening click here and to download in iTunes click here.

If you decide to plant a church, many times you might be backed by another church or by people for a certain amount of time. But most of the time that funding will run out and the church will need to be funded by itself to continue. This can be a major issue for many as tithing has become more of an option for many people that it used to be. In today’s podcast we’ll talk about how things have changed and things you can do to aid your congregation in contributing the growth of the church.

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One thought on “Giving in your church

  1. During this podcast I was the person you referred to: this was the first time I had ever listened to your podcast.
    I am British, we do not have a gun culture and I really do not understand the American love of guns. I don’t care about your constitutional rights but I care about what is right for the Kingdom.
    Since Christmas I have really got into Podcasts. Most of them are Canadian or American. I thought by listening to one co-hosted by someone who had spent a lot of time in the UK that I would find something more relevant. Oh boy was I wrong!
    Half the podcast was spent discussing the application for carrying a concealed weapon. Why would anyone want to carry a weapon concealed? And why would someone want to keep stocking up their arsenal as soon as they could? If Pete Mitchell had said he was doing this in order to fit in with the culture and so by some means win pagan gun carriers to Christ then fine I could just about understand that. But he seemed to want to lie about his application: giving lots of reasons like working with felons when in actual fact he just wants to carry a concealed weapon for the fun of it. I literally do not understand this mind set. I cannot see how it helps the Kingdom. I am not anti-guns. I just see no need for the vast majority of people to have a gun, let alone an expanding arsenal or to carry their weapons concealed. How are people who want to do that any better than the tele-evangelists?
    I managed to listen until the end of the podcast. When you finally moved on to spiritual matters, I probably agreed with everything Peyton said but by then the damage had been done.