Hey ninjas!

So, how are your goals coming?

I’m a goal guy. I like to set goals for the year, forward plan, and put things in their boxes. I’m kind of an accomplishment junkie. Over the next few weeks, I want to talk about goals, accomplishing, and how it fits in with the kingdom.

First off, let me point out that in January, people are trying to push off all of the journals that they didn’t sell to you in the run up to January 1st.

Let me say right out of the gate…I’m not selling anything.

No books, no journals.

Just want to share what I’ve learned.

#1. Goal setting can be a way to maximize your ___________

Fill in the blank. Setting goals can maximize your creativity. It can help you master your time and accomplishments. Many of us get that. But goals still take discipline to carry them through.

Just having goals won’t lead you to take action. Goals don’t produce action, they produce direction.

Therefore, the purpose of goals is to map out where you’re going and then set up a scheduled step by step approach to what you want to accomplish this year.

#2 Goal setting can be self-deception.

Sorry. I know that I’m Debbie Downer at the party here. But it’s true. In our society, individualization and “me-centerdness” seem to be at an all-time high. Books, products, and courses on productivity sell like hotcakes because they market towards what “you want to do”.  They don’t often focus on what you can do to improve your value to a company.

In fact, almost all of the sales pitches out there are about leaving your job, following your dream, and “living the life you’ve always wanted”.  In many cases, it’s selling pipe dreams. Nothing comes overnight. Success doesn’t exist without the hard work that separates the men from the boys, and when it all comes down to it, you’ll be left still having to do. The. Work.

#3 Goal setting can be idolatrous

Okay, second strike, right?  But think about it. Aren’t we praying on a daily basis, “Not my will be done, but yours?”

In other words, many of our goal setting projects can simply be an attempt to build a house that the Builder isn’t building. In the end, it’s vanity.


Taking all three things together, I still believe that the potential of goal setting is so great, that I can’t afford not to make them if I want to “take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me”.

Here’s what I’ve learned in three easy dance steps:

  1. Step One – Take time to make sure that your goals are aligned with the goals that God has for your life. (Don’t know how to do that? See you in next week’s newsletter)
  2. Step Two – Get ready to do a whole bunch of work, and practice a lot of discipline.
  3. Step Three – Develop a system for tracking your goals.

Now that we’ve got a simple plan to avoid shipwrecked in our goals, and making sure our goals are the right ones, let’s dig into it!

See you soon for a little more on this.

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