Hey Everyone!

I have some big news! Last Week I launched my Patreon account!

If you don’t know what that is, Patreon is a site that basically allows memberships for individuals.

The way it works is you choose a tier of support. Each tier is a different financial contribution each month and in return, you get some goodies from me.

For my Patreon I have 7 total tiers of support that you can choose from and the monthly support for those tiers range from $1 a month to $250 a month.

Here is a quick breakdown of the tiers and their cost. With each tier comes more access and more goodies.


Tier 1-Ninja Tortoise-$1

-You get to help keep the doors open, pay my evil minions, and have a meme sent via email that shows you’re a part of this the Ninjanuity community.

– 5 star Fridays – You get a glimpse into my life, head, and everything else as I give you my five star Friday’s once a week

-As a bonus you get a picture of my tortoise every month in a ninja pose. Ninja turtles were so 80s, but ninja tortoises are now!

Tier 2-Ninja Turtle-Heroes in a half shell-$5

-You’ll also get access to a private facebook group. There you’ll be able to give feedback and influence podcasts.

-All the content from the sub tiers

Tier 3-Grasshopper-$10

 -You’ll get a special Video once a month exclusive to this group. Topics can range from what I think is most pressing and what feedback I’m getting.

-All the content from the sub tiers

Tier 4-Wax-on/offer-$25

You will get an MP3 of me reading a chapter of a book I think you NEED to read, and a brief review/justification of why

-All the content from the sub tiers

Tier 5-Punk Monk-$50

-Exclusive access to my INKLINGS group where I interact with a tribe of people who review and edit my work.

-All the content from the sub tiers

Tier 6-Ninja Master-$100

-1 on 3 phone call once a month

-All the content from the sub tiers

Tier 7-Sensei-$250

-Master 1 on 1 call once a month

-All the content from the sub tiers


Interested? check out the link below


I almost made a video for you guys where I talk more about my page in more detail.


As a thank you for your patronage

I have a BONUS for you all! The first person to sign up for each tier will receive a Starbucks gift card in the amount of tier sign up. So if you are the first to sign up for Tier 3-Grasshopper, I’ll send you a $10 gift card!

You know you go to Starbucks anyway so why not try out the first month of my Patreon for free!


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