For all of the millions spent on church starts annually, over 70% fail. Here’s the catch, sharing the gospel with people is free. You could argue that planting churches is therefore free also.

 I’m not against raising funds, or recruiting core teams…both can be helpful. They’re just not necessary. Often our fundraising and attempt to reach critical mass is an attempt to strip all risk out of the endeavor, and ensure “success”.

 But success at doing what?Filling a room?

 I don’t think Jesus or Paul ever aimed to do that.

 Sometimes Jesus emptied them on purpose. He sent the crowds packing. He made extreme statements, and challenged them to follow him by taking up a cross. Jesus wasn’t in the numbers game. He knew that the Spirit of God was the one thing needful.

 We may have “success” in filling a room, or having a big launch, but at what cost?

 What if church starting is at the cost of evangelism?

What if starting churches happened at the expense of saving souls?

How could that be? If we invest everything in a Sunday Service at the expense of evangelism, then everyone loses. Especially the lost.

 The church is in its current rut because we’ve learned to “do church” in a way that nobody ever really has to engage anyone with the gospel at all.

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