“Eat my flesh and drink my blood”.

It was a crowd killer.

The disciples were upset.  They’d just been on an exciting preaching tour with Jesus.  There were miracles, free food, and anything else that a circus had to offer.  It looked like the makings of a great movement.

There was only one problem.  Jesus wasn’t calling people to join the circus.

He was calling them to follow him onto a mission, and it would cost them.  It would be hard.  They would know hunger, persecution, loneliness and the rest that comes with front line gospel ministry.

He wasn’t willing to foster rice Christians.

So he sent them packing.

You can almost feel the disappointment of the disciples who must have been thinking, “This is it. If Jesus plays his cards right, this thing will go viral.

Then Jesus went and burst their bubble by wrecking everything. He dashed their hopes by saying something gross.

I get it. We get excited about the wrong things.  We get excited about the big crowds.  Every Easter you can hear it touted around Facebook “2000 people came to hear the gospel this past Sunday!”  Unmistakably, it’s the crowd that excites us, when we all know that we’ll probably never see those people ever again.  We get as excited as the disciples, who probably grinned from ear to ear as they witnessed the crowds swelling, and their popularity rising.

Yet Jesus wanted none of it.  True to form he was concerned with the individual, and constantly turned his back to the crowd.

We spend as much efforts trying to build crowds as Jesus did trying to disperse them.

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