In all the talk surrounding church planting out there, nobody really discusses one of the planters essential tools.

A truck.

Church planters are a bit like Mad Max in the post-apocalyptic frontier where a truck is worth more than the currency of money.

We’re not talking about macho stuff; we’re talking about church planting survival.

John Wesley’s statue in Bristol was sculpted with him sitting horseback for a reason. In Wesley’s day, every circuit rider needed a horse, or he needed to seriously rethink his calling. Today, planters need trucks.

It’s important to know why.

Number one – You need cargo space.

Most church planters quickly realize that church planting requires a lot of elbow grease. By the sweat of your brow, you’re gonna have to toil to set up “church in a box” every single Sunday. We’re talking coffee machines, sound equipment , and in our case, coffee tables. We sit around coffee tables, and interact with one another after the sermon in order to facilitate lost people coming to grips with the gospel and Christians actually getting involved in each others’ lives. I can remember loading up the back of my truck one night with a pirate’s horde of flat-packed booty, chuckling to myself as I dreamt up this post. I’ve made quite a few trips to Ikea over the years in order to plant churches. As I witnessed my wheel well resting inches closer to my tires, I eased behind the steering wheel with satisfaction.

If you’ve never church planted, then you just don’t understand the relief that probably came from David’s announcement to build the temple with stone. When you plant, you’re in the mobile church phase, and you’re constantly making and breaking camp at the rate of the Israelites in the desert.  You’re going to be in the “tabernacle phase” of your church for some time. One of my former students is in the midst of a building project 1.5 years in, but that’s not the norm. You’ve got a stretch of road between the local elementary school and your ecclesiastical MTV Cribs dream church complete with rock slide swimming pool…if you ever get there.

For some of us, we’ll hop into our mobile version of self-sufficient manliness and ride off into the sunset to plant another day, grateful that we’ve got a trusty mount, and gospel blaster at our side. Our calling card could read, “Have truck. Will travel” like the old gunslingers of the frontier.

Keep a look out for part 2 of this on Tuesday, 2/5 for reasons 2 and 3!

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