Meet Peyton Jones

nin·ja \’ninjƏ\ church \’chƏrch\ plant·er \’plan-tƏr\

My name is Peyton Jones and I’m a serial church planter, author, speaker, University lecturer, and outreach consultant. I help church planters to engage in front line 1st century style church planting.

I also help established churches think like a church planter in order to regain their edge and missional focus.

Meet Peyton Jones, church planting ninja
I’m a husband, and dad to two amazing girls that I’m slowly corrupting to like all things Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and DC. I’m also an author, church planter, Leadership trainer, podcaster, and writer.

After serving as an assistant Pastor at a megachurch in Huntington Beach, Ca, I embarked to Europe where I spent 12 years as an evangelist at Lloyd-Jones’s church Sandfields, and as a church planter, and network leader. I founded New Breed Church Planting Network which continues to train front-line 1st century style apostolic church planters.

This is my personal website where you can see all of the different projects I’m involved in. I co-founded a magazine for church planters called Church Planter Magazine, and run two podcasts Church Planter Podcast and Hardcore Church Planting. Both are frequently in the #1 spots or in the what’s hot category.  I also train church planters all over the world through an online course for planters called the Bivo Inner Circle. In addition, I’ve developed a video curriculum for training core teams called JUMP SCHOOL. Currently, I serve as the Regional Training Catalyst for the Western U.S. and Canada for the North American Mission Board, the largest church planting network in America. In 2016, I was recruited to join Mac Lake on the Multiply Team, and am dedicated to making church planter training the best leadership training on the planet.

My goal in life is to expand your mind to think like believers in the 1st century did, and like church leaders in the Developing World, Western Europe, and Persecuted Church have to.

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Here are some other resources that you might be interested in:

  • I put out a book about every other year.
  • I produce two podcasts on church planting a week
  • I produce a one minute video on church planting weekly
  • I blog regularly
  • I write articles for magazines
  • I appear on other people’s shows for interviews
  • I preach
  • I produce courses regularly

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– Peyton Jones

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