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There is an A-Team in the Bible. It’s the team of interchangeable ministry specialists that Paul traveled with in the book of Acts. The church of Christ, minus the biblical understanding of the apostolic team (or A-Team), is like Batman minus his utility belt. What would he be without his smoke pellets, grappling hook, batarang, and batcuffs? Let’s face it, the Dark Knight stripped down to his tights is really just a glorified ninja. Without his belt, Batman might as well be naked. Joker always strips him of it while dangling him over a vat of acid. Batman’s always saved if he can “just reach it” within seconds of falling headlong. Utility belts are for utilizing, and Satan has been holding it away from us for so long, we’ve forgotten how to use our kit. The church is all tights, no batbelt. Like the Caped Crusader, we don’t have superpowers. Therefore we’re gonna need all the kit supplies in our arsenal! We can’t afford to pick our favorite tool. If Batman only used one tool from his utility belt, his movies, games, and comics would suck. The church has been limiting itself to only one tool for centuries: the pastor. But we can do so much more. Our utility belt has multiple compartments labeled apostle, prophet, evangelist, and teacher. Don’t get me wrong— Batman could still do the job without all of his tools. I mean, he is Batman after all, and he’s much more than his belt. A glorified ninja is still a ninja (and a ninja’ll cut your head off). The church is still the body of Christ, the most powerful spiritual ninja in the universe! We are a superhero empowered by Jesus to put the Devil’s lights out. Even the gates of hell are incompetent to drive us back into extinction. But are we content with that? Content with not becoming totally extinct? What about the forward movement Jesus talked about? Is it just me, or are we supposed to be driving back the darkness? When the church recovers all the tools in the utility belt, it’s lights out for the Enemy, and lights on for the kingdom! Wouldn’t it be great to get the Devil shaking his head in disbelief as we retake Gotham, muttering to himself like the Joker, “Where does the church get all those wonderful toys?”

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