The most frequent question I’m asked is “how do I start?”. When you get ready to take the plunge, and dive into church planting, there are a few rules.  Number one, you need to build your team.  Being hasty and dropping out the hatch without this in place is tantamount to dropping without performing your safety checks.  Out of impatience and supposed “faith” in the power of God to do anything, you might be tempted to jump alone from the pinnacle of the temple and see if the angels will hold you up.  The problem is that’s not faith…it’s stupid…and it’s church planting suicide played to the tune of rock-and-roll bravado.

Last year I watched a documentary on illegal base jumping and found that the few guys brave enough to jump off of cliffs and skyscrapers with flying suits always feel compelled to have a jumping partner.  Think about that.  These guys have more balls than the pit at Chucky Cheese yet they still want a partner with them at all times.  

They’re not afraid to jump… just afraid to jump alone.  

If nothing else, it might just be to have somebody to scrape them off the ground if the jump goes wrong.  When I first founded New Breed, I realized that there were other jumpers ready to strap on the parachute, but like me, they just didn’t want to do it alone.   Therefore New Breed began to form up networks of church planting, with the first two churches serving as sending agencies, so that the other guys coming up behind us would never have to jump alone. 

Many planters get the great commission like the disciples in Matthew 28 but struggle with the “tarry in Jerusalem” part of Acts 1.  Slow down turbo.  You’ll get your shot, but first we gotta build your squad

When you’re a year into your church plant, on the “No Man’s Land” side of the front line, knee deep in mud, guts, and fear, you’ll be eternally grateful that you’ve got a band of brothers who can stand next to you and shoulder the burden of leading the troops.  That’s right soldier, you need a team.  The team you serve with is your platoon of like minded commandos who are willing to jump on the grenade in your foxhole.  They’re not just your team mates, they’re your brothers in arms, and sometimes they pull you out of the soup, throw you on their back, and carry your bullet riddled body to the safety of an airlift.

When New Breed co-founder Dai Hankey planted in a rough Welsh council estate, there were a number of Monday mornings that I peeled him off the ground with a phone call and when I was low he returned the favor.  He helped me to stay in Wales as I fought my transition from Californian reptile (where there is 6 days of rain a year) to Welsh amphibian (where there is 6 days of sun a year).  I can’t even tell you how much of an encouragement we were to each other during those initial years through turning up at each other’s churches and making phone calls.  It just helped to know that there was some other nut out there who considered me normal.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there is something about tying two foxes together by the tail and having them carry a torch through the harvest fields that sets Philistine country ablaze!  Nonetheless, be it Paul, or any of the church planters, they never go it alone.  To do so is unwise, unsafe and discouraging.  

Some guys go at church planting haphazardly…almost recklessly, resembling Daffy Duck drinking the potion in the devil costume on the Vaudeville stage.  “I can only do this trick once” they shout, and spontaneously combust into flames, leaving a black residue on the floor. Finding the right team is essential to preventing you from the church planters crash-and-burn.

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