Take a desk, soldier, this briefing will be brief, but crucial to your training. The dossier in front of you is labeled Plantology.

Plantology is the study of the science of church planting. Mission Briefing. Studying of maps. Reviewing of objectives. If we analyzed modern church planting under a microscope, we would observe an unusual practice of hiring a building, creating a website, designing a logo, and inviting people to a phantom church that exists only in our minds. You’ve heard it said before that God never commanded us to plant churches. Instead, he commanded us to:

  1. Go – that means spread out from where you were before; to where the gospel isn’t
  1. Preach the gospel – this needs to be re-emphasized in the current climate of church planting where “just be the church” has become a theological platitude for shirking responsibility. Search your feelings, you know it to be
  2. Make disciples – this means to reproduce yourselves, but before your people reproduce themselves, they need to be people worth reproducing; people who resemble Jesus. They become this on mission…

When these things are acted out, people get saved. When people get saved, churches are naturally planted by the apostolic planter. Paul traveled to an area, opened his mobile business, preached privately and publicly, and when people got saved, he reproduced himself, leaving disciples in his wake. The science of plantology is not rocket science. Welcome to the team.

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