Welcome to the Post Easter Blues.

I made that up.

But you know what I’m talking about…

Many pastors (sadly) use Easter as a time to play the ministry lottery. If they invest in enough outreach, or pour enough money into marketing, then when the big day arrives, they see if it “paid off”.

In other words, how big of a crowd came through the door. They’ll tell themselves that it was so that they “could hear the gospel”, but we know the truth. If that was what they truly cared about, they’d be out there sharing it with people, taking the gospel to them.

No, it’s really all about butts in seats and bucks in the buckets at the end of the day. And when the wheel has been spun and these pastors didn’t win the lottery, it’s back to the old drawing board.

That’s if the post-Easter blues don’t kick in.

You see, if we’re focused on the wrong things, then when what we want doesn’t happen, we’re not focused on the one thing that would help us gain perspective and great encouragement.

The Lord is on the move. The gospel is powerful unto salvation. The Holy Spirit’s power is waiting to be poured out.

These are the things we’re to fix our eyes upon, because they’re part of fixing our eyes upon Jesus.

SO if you got caught up in buying the “lottery tickets of ministry” this past season, and they didn’t pay, well, it’s never to late to get your eyes back on the risen Lord again.

He’s got this…even if you don’t.

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