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Hey ninjas!

I need to ask you to do some real ninja like stuff for me in the upcoming weeks, but first, let me tell you about my biggest announcement EVER.


But you don’t have to wait that long to buy it.

In fact, if you pre-order now, you get a bunch of free exclusives in a bundle that comes with it.


Here’s what you get:

  • Exclusive audio book of the 3 chapters (This won’t be available anywhere else!)
  • The downloadable ebook of Jump School Core Team Training with embedded videos (A portable core team trainer – never before available in this format)
  • The Director’s Commentary for the Jump School films (Some funny stuff in there)
  • E-book – “Cracking the Whip: A Church Planter’s Field Guide to Reaching the Unreached”
  • Lastly, for those ordering for their churches or small groups by the case, I’ll give one 30 minute coaching session or Q&A via zoom call for every two cases ordered.

To pre-order, simply go to: https://www.reachingtheunreachedbook.com


“Christian, are you bored?

Do you feel that the life has just gone out of you?

The Holy Spirit is in you…and that’s more life than you can handle. But many of us sit there without allowing him to channel his power through us. And his power was given for mission.

That’s why you feel so alive whenever you share your faith or use your gifts.

What if that could be an everyday thing for you?

For too long church leaders have focused on increasing the size of their church rather than increasing their reach outside of the four walls of the church building. The result? Church life becomes a predictable set of routines with predictable results. Church members struggle to reach the neighborhoods they drive through on their way to church programs, unable to penetrate their surrounding communities in a meaningful way. Reaching the Unreached recounts the stories, struggles, and triumphs of individuals and churches that have reinvented themselves to meet the world where it is, working to reach the ones that no one else is reaching.

Every pastor wants to know the secret of mobilizing their congregation to live like a page out of the book of Acts. But like the Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark, we’ve been digging in the wrong place.

The search for the “silver bullet” of success has diverted us from tapping into the timeless principles found in the book of Acts, says author, pastor, and front-line church planter Peyton Jones. Yet the spiritual climate that Paul and the Apostles stepped into is not all that different from the brave new world the church faces today. In Reaching the Unreached, Jones seeks to equip pastors and church planters with the tools they need to journey from dusty seminary lecturers to becoming temple raiders complete with fedora, whip, and danger.

From accidentally planting a church in a Starbucks in Europe, to baptizing members of the Mexican mafia in Long Beach Harbor, Jones has been on the front lines of today’s missional movement and has lived to tell the tale. In Reaching the Unreached, he teaches church planters, pastors, and church leaders how to convert pew jockeys into missionaries and awake the sleeping giant of Christ’s church, one person at a time.”


Till next time, keep doing ninja stuff for the kingdom!

Peyton Jones

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