Reaching people is costly. It cost Jesus everything.  It cost Paul. It cost Oscar Schindler. At the end of the film Schindler’s List, Schindler weeps as his eyes search frantically around for something that could have been used to save just one more soul.  He pulls on his coat sleeves, “These cuff links…one more!”  This car…five, maybe ten more”! He collapses in sobs.

Oscar Schindler was a nobody, but he had something to invest in saving others. Schindler seized the opportunity at the onset of WW2 to become a munitions manufacturer, and broke his precious alabaster jar of a cushy life and did what he could. Make no mistake; mission is going to cost you.  Mission will suck your time, money, energy, privacy, preferences, and your gifts.  And you may not be rich like Schindler, but you’ve got a life to invest. As David Platt points out that the kingdom needs more christians who aren’t asking ‘what can I afford?’ but “what’s it going to take?’

Are you ready?

Did you ever wonder why at the end of a hot, dry, dust-filled day the disciples cried and whined like school girls to send the crowds home, yet Jesus, exhausted, still continued to minister to them well into the night?  The bible says his heart was moved with compassion!  At that moment, looking out into the crowd that swayed like stalks of wheat on the hillside, Jesus challenged his disciples, “Open your eyes!  The Fields are ripe unto harvest.  Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send workers out into his fields” That must have smarted a bit for the disciples who had left their nets to become Jesus’s disciples.  It was like Jesus looked right through them when he told the crowds that the workers were few. But they had wanted to send the crowds home. Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest, and he’s looking for a few good men, and women; compassionate workers whose eyes are opened, and whose hearts are moved when they look out into the harvest field.  Like Jesus, they see it ripe for harvest if only someone would simply demonstrate his love by beginning with the words, “He loves you” and end by showing it. And if nobody else will, they’ll model it to a world that so desperately needs to see Jesus.

 It all comes down to calling.  Are you called to do this?  Everybody who did something really hard in the scripture has a story about how they were called to do it.  Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Gideon, Moses, Joshua, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the hits just keep on coming.  God has a way of getting your attention.  Before you’ve embarked on the flight path destined to drop you out over enemy occupied territory, you have to know that you’re there because God wanted you there.  Most of the 101st airborne signed up because it was an extra 50 bucks a month.  You’ve got better reasons.  Like Paul, necessity is laid upon you…woe unto me if I don’t preach the gospel. 

Are you called to do this? 

Then no excuse will do.

No argument can keep you from it. 

Eventually, you’ll wrestle with them all, but in the end that call will defy logic, haunt you in bed at night, and keep you awake when the rest of the house is sleeping.  You’ll want to come out of your chest when you hear bad preaching.  Your appetite for the word will grow ravenous, your awareness of your need for prayer will deepen, and your compassion for the lost will hurt sometimes.  You’ve been called on a dangerous mission.  It will take every bit of strength you have, and the Holy Spirit Himself will supply what you lack, but He needs you to know.  Are you ready to do this?  Are you called to it?  Will you buckle at the first drop of blood, or will you press on until you’ve taken the hill, planted the flag, and rallied the cry of victory?

Today is the day you discover that, before you take one step further.

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