Okay, so last week I had you make your own Kingdom Concept. It’s like a mission statement, but better. It tells you what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

Here’s the reality, you’ve got a lot coming at you, and you can’t do it all.

Funnily enough, this is one of the best things about friends for me. If you’ve ever met my friends, they’re nothing like me.

None of them are ministers, except for one.

I like getting close to people who do different things than me for the reason that it helps me get to live vicariously through them a little bit.

But the reality is, I can’t do it all.

Neither can you.

So, the kingdom concept keeps me on track.

Everything I do fits into a box somewhere in my kingdom concept statement…why? Because it’s my mission statement. Everything I do should fit into that somewhere.

So when you take my statement apart, it should reflect what I’m giving my time to. I’ll never accomplish my mission if I don’t stay on course.

“I exist to glorify God and make disciples by equipping the next generation to reverse the decline in the church through reformation and revival”

“I exist to glorify God and make disciples by…” my mission and yours, we all have the same mandate. We just differ on how we’ll do this.

“by equipping” – I am a content producer. I am constantly churning out podcasts, youtube videos, articles, blogs, books, and courses. Why? Because I’m an equipper.

“the next generation” – church planting. ’nuff said. Paul trained Timothy and other young’uns. That’s what I do. Church planting is a next generation thing.

“to reverse the decline” – I wasn’t taking a vacation in Europe. I was traveling to the future. America’s future. Now I’m back, and I’m here to help reverse the decline that we’re in as much as I can. Not many are listening, but I keep talking. It’s like preaching the gospel, but preaching to the church. I wish it were preaching to the choir, but the message is unpopular. That’s okay, like I said, it’s like preaching the gospel…and heck, I’m apostolic; bridging cultural gaps with an unpopular message is kinda my thing.

“reformation” – the simplest definition of that term works here. Reformation at it’s root is a call to return to the 1st century, biblical model of expanding the kingdom. Literally everything I write comes back to this central tenet.

“revival” – ever noticed that every book I write has a huge focus on the Holy Spirit? So did Acts chapter 1 and 2. And 4. And 5. In fact, heck, the whole book is about the ministry of the Holy Spirit empowering believers. It’s the absence of this message that gives me the most concern in today’s church climate and keeps me like Luther “a goose squawking among the swans”!


Now that we’ve dissected my mission, can you see how everything I do falls into this statement?

What about leisure, down-time, family, relationships, etc? Glad you asked. See you next week.

(By the way, this is all the work that you have to do before you set goals. After all, what goals should I be setting? The answer: Things that are going to help me accomplish my mission in life).

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