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Remember Lollapalooza?


It was the ultimate bandfest where headliners like Radiohead, the Foo Fighters, Beck, Rage Against the Machine and Incubus took the stage in rocked the world as the Woodstock of the 90s.


Simply put, if you were into rock, it was the place to be.


Exponential is the Lollapalooza of church planting.


Hundreds of speakers are under one roof, at any given time, kicking down church planting wisdom applicable to various contexts, models, and methods.


But the thing I appreciate about Exponential the most, is that they get it.


They understand that we still haven’t reached “the next thing” yet. They aren’t impressed with church as we know it. They understand that to truly reach the world, we need a massive paradigm shift. Whether it’s bringing world leaders from undeveloped countries to train us in the West, or embracing the APEST model, Exponential has resisted the trend to give people bread and circuses, and has instead blazed a trail for people who want to change the world.

That’s why this year I’m happy to join the line up of speakers.


This year, at Exponential West, I’ll be leading the Mobilization Track.


The track will unpack what it means to be truly ahead of the curve, but penetrating a crowd, not just attracting one. Going even further, we’ll train you to identify the community hub, and what to do once you get there. Taking a cue from innovative thought leaders such as Brian Sanders, Alan Briggs, Derick Engoy, Alex Absalom, Beau Crossetto, and Shauna Pilgreen, we’ll discuss ministry in public space and what that looks like. After all, most of what happened in Acts and the Gospels happened outside, in public space.


Want to be truly ahead of the curve? Then go beyond what people are talking about now, and join the conversations that people aren’t having yet. I look forward to seeing you at the Lollapalooza of church planting, and hearing from some rock stars in the church planting world. The conference runs from October 2-5th and will be at Mariner’s church in Newport Beach.


As an aside, Exponential has provided all the content for Church Planter Magazine for their August edition.  For free access to the magazine through August, click here (https://freeissue.churchplantermagazine.com/exponential).


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